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I'm Kyle.  Welcome to Baby Drama™ and thank you for visiting

our website.


I have run Frenzy Drama classes for 18 months + for 6 years and after the birth of my daughter I realised that Drama had a place in her life right from birth.  It had such a place with her development which obviously (being a qualified Drama and English teacher) I was thrilled about!

In March 2020, lockdown hit and it was the perfect time to begin working on a brand new drama program for babies.  I reflected on our current Frenzy Bee (18 months-2.5 years) and Frenzy Bunny (2.5 years-4 years) programs and saw how some of these elements could be transposed into a drama class for babies too.

Baby Drama™ was born out of a love of play, a lot of reading, research and training and a desire to help parents communicate in a fun way with their babies from an early age.

Our classes focus on encouraging bonding, developing communication skills and language acquisition.  We do this in a variety of ways including music (original and well known), props and lots of practical, high energy, play based activities.  Everything we do is underpinned by science and we will share this with you in each lesson.