Eye Contact

Eye contact is such an important skill but it is something that so many adults struggle with. A lot of people find eye contact uncomfortable but it demonstrates self confidence and helps to communicate emotions. Eye contact can even tell us about a person’s mood.

Eye contact is an early predictor of language skills. Early non verbal forms of communication include joint attention and eye contact. Both of these are vitally important for laying a solid foundation for language to develop.

The majority of information that we receive is initially processed through our brains and visual development also helps things such as fine motor skills.

Promoting Good Eye Contact:

Help your baby with eye contact from day one. Here’s how:

👶 Model good eye contact - get down on their level when you are talking to them and engage them with eye contact

🎭Silly faces - getting face to face with your baby and pulling faces at each other is a great way to engage your child in eye contact without pressure. Show them just what our faces can do - they really are super expressive

👶 Penguin kisses - rub noses with your baby. This will also help with bonding too!

🎭Peek a boo - this is a fabulous but super simple game that really helps with developing eye contact. You can use a sensory scarf, muslin square, pillow case, book - the possibilities are endless. As your baby gets older, they will begin to pull it off themselves

👶 Go to the park - pushing your baby on a swing not only improves eye contact but also helps their vestibular sensory input too

🎭With older children, you could sit and count the freckles on each others faces or use face paint one each other

Be patient. Eye contact is an intimate thing and it can take time to build up.

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