It's All About That Mouth

From about 7 weeks old, babies are totally fascinated by faces, and rightly so, our faces can do so much. They are super expressive and really help babies to learn.

Because of this, it is really important that you are having lots of close conversations and enabling them to see your face as often as possible.

Making funny faces and showing your baby how they can move, provides a great start for language development.

Encourage your baby to stick out their tongue by sticking out yours first!

For babies it’s just as important to read lips as it is to hear the language. Watching lips, helps them to learn to speak so get down on your baby's level when possible so that they can see your mouth.

Research has shown that "Infants tended to divide their attention between the eyes and the mouth, looking less at the eyes with age and more at the mouth than the eyes at 9 and 12 months."

When babies begin to babble (which happens in preparation for speech) they shift their focus from the speakers' eyes to their lips.

Next time you’re talking to a baby, make sure you enunciate.

Looking at the mouth may provide infants with audiovisual cues that help them develop language.

Ever wondered why babies grab mouths?

It's all part of how they learn to speak! Letting your baby touch your mouth, allows them to feel the way the mouth moves when making different sounds and helps them to discover how to make the sound with their own mouths.

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