Pre intentional Language

From birth, our babies begin communicating with us and this is called the pre intentional stage.

Laughing, gazing, cooing, smiling, touch and vocalising are all forms of communication as is crying! They use a combination of these to interact with us. They might coo or gurgle to tell us that they are content or they might cry to tell us they are hungry, tired or distressed.

Although these are all unintentional forms of communication, it is our job as parents to frequent the responses as though they were intentional as this will help lay the groundwork for understanding language.

Although this communication is unintentional, it is still an expression of how they are feeling and every time we interpret it correctly, it reinforces the bond with our baby. When a baby is crying because they are tired and we comfort or rock them to sleep, we are reinforcing the bond we have with our baby and acknowledging their communication.

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